Hypnosis: what is it?

I am often asked: "What is hypnosis? What can it do for me? I do not think I'm a good candidate for that ...»

Hypnosis is a science that has been around for decades and has many virtues. It allows dialogue with the unconscious to perform a particular job on an individual. During a session of hypnosis, the person remains in a state of consciousness; they do not lose control. Once hypnotized, the person finds themselves as if they "were in the clouds" or as if they "were driving on a road without being aware of it".

Everyone can access this state. Each individual can benefit from hypnosis to help correct certain aspects of their lives. These benefits are unlimited:

- Better pain management
- Facilitates sleep
- Relief of symptoms associated with anxiety
- Relief from the symptoms of phobias and fears
- Modifies destructive models and painful memories
- Removes stress, sadness and depression
- Corrects eating disorders and allergies

- Contributes to weight loss
- Changes lifestyle habits in addictions such as tobacco, food, alcohol and drugs
- Solves sexual problems, money or family relations.
- Increases confidence and energy

Here! Now, it's up to you to try. You will not regret it.